Conroe police search church where priest formerly worked

Brett Ligon the district attorney for Montgomery county says, “this incident occurred in the 1998 to 2001 era so the administration that is there now is completely different administration all the contact we’ve had with them has been very wide open very cooperative”. Ligon says this after Monday morning Conroe police searched the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

This is the same church where Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez worked before the diocese moved him to a church in Richmond. He was recently charged with four counts of indecency with a child in Montgomery County after two victims came forward.

“What we are looking for mainly is additional victims and other witnesses and we are continuing to follow the path and follow whatever information comes through us” says Ligon.

Ligon says he wants to make sure the community is clear on what they need. "Because it is Montgomery county we do have a segment of Hispanic population that goes to Sacred Heart Catholic Church and sometimes there is a little bit of miscommunication between law-enforcement in that community”, says Ligon.

Victims are urged to call Conroe Police or the District Attorney’s Office.