Congressman Kevin Brady steps up for Texas companies shafted by PEMEX

A new development in the story of Texas companies left holding the bag on $229 million worth of offshore drilling equipment ordered by Mexico's national oil company PEMEX.

Congressman Kevin Brady has issued a formal letter of protest to Mexico's Ambassador to the United States.

"PEMEX's decision to disregard its obligations and withdraw from its agreement with Loadmaster has endangered the well-being of each company involved and placed the livelihood of thousands of American's in jeopardy.

Last week U.S. Senator Ted Cruz called on the Trump Administration to intervene on behalf the American companies who've been burned by the deal.

Today Houston companies involved in the breach of faith told FOX 26 they are hopeful the President will get involved.

"In this case it's the government of Mexico walking away from a contract. They ordered rigs. We built them to 80 percent complete and they canceled. In any other deal in the world that would get resolved legally. In this case you are fighting with a private business against the government of Mexico," said Kevin Kennedy, President of Kennedy Fabrications.

"All of our government representatives realize this is not just a simple contractual dispute," said Mike Barnes, President of Loadmaster Drilling Systems.

"It's something that should be recognized going forward in our trade arrangements that there needs to be a more equal playing field," added Barnes.

Congressman Brian Babin has also called on the President to address the broken deal which has left more than 100 American companies in precarious financial condition.