Congressman John Culberson holds town hall meeting

A lot of yelling, plenty of green and red cards held up -- it was packed inside the auditorium at Spring Branch Middle School where Congressman John Culberson conducted a town hall meeting on Saturday afternoon.

"I met almost everybody that came through the door individually, answering their questions if they need help with a federal agency and constituent services, my staff is here to provide that help as well," says U.S. Rep. Culberson.

Constituents could write out questions or concerns, several of which were selected to read aloud. Key issues include the NASA budget, immigration and health care reform.

"I'm sure that when it gets resolved it'll be to everyone's satisfaction, but if it doesn't then it's not going to happen," says precinct chairman Larry Pound who came out in support of Congressman Culberson.

"He always stood for things that we mutually believed in, but not voting on this health care bill," says another attendee Mary Douglass.

"He doesn't believe in global warming and I think that is something that is important," says protestor Karen Aylor. She was among several protestors who lined up across the street from the town hall meeting site.

"It's a pitiful excuse for a town hall meeting, but he's here, so I guess we need to say, 'Alright, we'll come," says Christine Jenkins, who was also out protesting.

Inside the meeting, constituents showed opposition and support for the leader's stance on many issues.

"John Culberson will explain it to me, he'll explain to me the rules, he'll explain to me why it is the way it is", says supporter Matthew Bernstein.

Congressman John Culberson commented on the reform and how he's continuing to work on the right way he says to replace the Affordable Care Act.

"To get 51 votes in the Senate is a very narrow Byzantine procedure that is complicated, so these are hard things, it's going to take time but we're going to hit it again and I'm confident we'll get there soon," says Congressman Culberson.