Congressman Babin calls on President to crack down on Pemex

Congressman Brian Babin has joined several Texas energy companies that are claiming they may go bankrupt because of Mexico's double dealing.
U.S. Rep. Babin is calling on President Donald Trump to intervene and force Mexico to make good on a $229 million contract for two massive offshore rigs. 

As FOX 26 News has been reporting, more than a hundred American companies, most of them based in Texas, built the custom equipment only to have Mexico's national oil company Pemex refuse to pay for the order. 

Rep. Babin says the breach of faith has put thousands of jobs and dozens of businesses in jeopardy. He is calling on President Trump to freeze any trade pact with Mexico until the Pemex rig contract is resolved.

"We can't let them be mistreated by a giant behemoth like the Mexican government," said Rep. Babin. "We've got small businesses facing off with the sovereign Mexican government on this operation and I don't think our people are being treated fairly."

Pemex tells FOX 26 that the deal was terminated because the equipment failed to meet its specifications, a claim the American companies call "absolutely false."