Concrete Cowboy cancels "mask off" party after pressure from Houston leader

A Houston bar that planned a "mask off" party on Wednesday has called off the event after being pressured by local officials.

Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the cancellation during a COVID-19 press conference on Monday afternoon.

The owner of Concrete Cowboy, Dan Wierck, wrote Turner an email saying he would not open the bar at all Wednesday night when the party was initially scheduled to coincide with statewide restrictions being lifted.

Concrete Cowboy, which is located on Washington Avenue, had posted a flyer on their Instagram page promoting their maskless party.

In response, Texas State Representative Ann Johnson and Mayor Turner expressed their frustration.

"I would say not to do it," said Turner. "Don’t treat the virus as if the virus doesn’t exist."

Local leaders urging Houston bar to cancel their ‘mask off’ party

A handful of local and state leaders held a press conference Sunday to urge a Houston bar to cancel their promoted "mask off" party. On Instagram, Concrete Cowboy along Washington Avenue, posted a flyer promoting their "mask off" party for this coming Wednesday.

Per Gov. Abbott's latest order, starting Wednesday all COVID-19 regulations will end.

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"The reality is, it’s a public health crisis," said Turner.  "It’s a global public health crisis. It’s a pandemic. You can’t ignore the science, the data."

Health officials still recommend masks even after mask mandate dropped

The governor may have ordered Texas to re-open 100% but doctors are suggesting you continue avoiding crowds, social distancing, and wearing a mask.