Concerned residents demand answers from flood control representatives

Several local leaders were invited to address growing concerns surrounding flood control policies tonight, including the bond project prioritization. The panel took place near one of the worst hit areas during Hurricane Harvey, Atascocita. 

About 75 members from the public attended this meeting, which was hosted by the Lake Houston Pachaderm Club, a Republican organization. The meeting was essentially a Q&A with local flood control representatives and an opportunity for residents in this area to get answers about what's being done to address and prevent flooding.

"I’m happy to answer any questions, give facts, dispel rumors, dispel myths, put people’s minds at ease," said Matt Zeve with the Harris County Flood Control District. "That we’re going to do all the projects that we said we were going to do, that we haven’t changed the story on anyone." 

Among the crowd was Julie Huckabee. She's one of the nearly 300 residents in her Barrington neighborhood of Kingwood whose home was flooded with more than two feet of water during Harvey.

To Julie, the issue of the bond project prioritization is a personal one for her.

"Historically, we’ve gone with first is worst and gone that direction and in my heart, that’s what I feel should be here because time is of the essence," Huckabee said. "If we have another flood, it’s very time critical, so I think this is not the time and place to mix politics."

Even those like David Mayfield, who were not flooded during Harvey, but saw the devastation their neighbors endured, worried that they too, could be next.

"If we flood again, this could ruin our community. I’ve been here 20 something years," said Mayfield. 

Ultimately, Harris County Flood Control  leaders want people to rest assured that every project will get addressed, eventually. 

"Everyone wants their project [done], but there's just some limitations to our staff and our ability to carry out over 230 projects at the same time," Zeve said.

A vote regarding the order of the flood control projects, scheduled to happen at the Commissioners Court tomorrow, was delayed indefinitely last week. The vote is expected to resume sometime next month, and Flood Control says there will be another public meeting before then.