Community steps up to help veteran's candy store in The Woodlands

A long line of customers clapped and cheered for 89-year-old Don Baker as he arrived at his business, The Candy House, on Friday.

"We love you!" they yelled as he opened the door to his store in The Woodlands.

"He holds the community together. He's like this mentor for so many kids," said Danielle Cox. She's been a customer since she was 5-years-old.

For Cox, trips to The Candy House are not just about satisfying her sweet tooth, but also to visit with Mr. Baker. She says he usually says he is doing fine but her last visit was different.

"He replied with a, 'Oh ma'am, please ask me that after the holidays. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to make it past Thanksgiving. I might have to close my shop,'" she told FOX 26.

Cox shared what she learned in a Facebook post in hopes that her friends and family would support Mr. Baker.

However, in less than a day, the post got more than 6,000 shares. People commented pledging to shop at this store on Friday and shared what Baker, a veteran, meant to them.

"I'm overwhelmed," said Mr. Baker fighting back tears

With more than 30 years in business, for Belle Novak and others, it is more than a store.  It's a place where they created childhood memories.

"I came here every day after school," she remembered.


"I really hope that he sees just how much of an impact he really has made on our community and that the community supports him," Cox added.