City leaders working to ensure homeless population has a warm place to sleep as temps drop

Near freezing temperatures are expected into the overnight hours Saturday, and it has community activists concerned about the homeless population in Houston. 

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On Friday evening Minister Timothy Sells with Impact Houston Church of Christ brought several buses to 2-different locations in downtown Houston, they parked outside of areas where people experiencing homelessness often gather. 

"They’re human, we’re all human, we all need love," said Minister Sells 

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Anyone in need of a warm place to sleep was invited onto the buses and then transported to a warming center provided by the National Association of Christian Churches. 

The warming center located at 16605 Air Center Blvd. can hold up to 100-people at a time. 

"They get a hot meal, a hot shower, a warm cot, a warm blanket and get off the street for a cold night," said Minister Sells.

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Minister sells says if they have to make multiple trips, they will. He tells Fox 26 with temperatures expected to hit the mid to low 20s this weekend getting these people with no place to call home off the streets is critical. 

"It’s very, very dangerous and during these times they’re vulnerable; because there are predators out there even among them that know they’re cold and vulnerable and come and try to take advantage of them," added Minister Sells. 


He says anytime the temperature drops below 40-degrees the warming center will be open, and they plan to provide buses to make sure that people have a safe and warm place to sleep.