Community leaders condemn death threats against Representative Al Green

Newly released recorded phone messages reveal disturbing death threats against U.S. Representative, Al Green. Community leaders believe that Congressman Green actually received because of  the calls for President's impeachment.  Representative Green delivered the "impeachment remarks" in mid May on the house floor.

Green's remarks stemmed from the James Comey controversy.  Comey wrote that President Trump asked him to end his investigation into former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. it was then that Green reacted. Green played those calls and voicemails during a town hall meeting on May 20th in Houston. The following Monday, Green confirmed that officials were investigating an unknown caller's threats to "lynch" Green. However, nothing has been revealed from the investigation. Local leaders are reacting and have voiced their concerns about why information has yet to be released. Today, leaders plan to meet and denounce what they perceive as hate and to condemn the threats in a press conference.