Comcast donates more than $1 million to help bridge digital divide in Houston

(Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

While most of us cannot imagine a life without the internet, the sad reality is many people in Houston simply do not have access. 

That's why Comcast, the Houston area's largest internet service provider is giving more than $1 million to local organizations that help students, adults, and people with disabilities to ensure they have access to quality internet and educate them on technology. 

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Comcast also stated in a press release how the million-dollar investment will support ongoing efforts to build awareness about low-cost or no-cost connectivity programs like Internet Essentials as well as the federal government's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

"These investments are a part of Comcast’s ongoing efforts to make a real difference in southeast Texas by giving families an opportunity to thrive in this digital age," Ralph Martinez, Comcast Houston’s Regional Senior Vice President, said in a press statement. "The Internet is where life happens. It allows students to expand their educational aspirations, and it empowers parents to explore better job openings, so they can ultimately deliver a better quality of life for their families."

A 2020 survey by the U.S. Census Bureau said at least one in 10 households around the Greater Houston area do not have an internet subscription or a computer. Hispanic and African American households are among the most affected by this digital gap. 

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Currently, Comcast has given grants to about eight Houston area organizations, but more are expected. Here's a complete list of those organizations and how the funds will be utilized. 

  • United Way | Funding will be used to provide tech experts (Digital Navigators) to help people in need of digital skills training.
  • BakerRipley | Funding will support computer skills, software, email and internet safety training for low-income adults in the Houston area.
  • Comp-U-Dopt | Funding will support students participating in Early Adopters, STEAM Team and Learn2Earn, which brings technology education to area youth. Comp-U-Dopt will also use the funding to provide tech experts (Digital Navigators) to help people in need of digital skills training.
  • Easter Seals of Greater Houston | Funding will support the development of a curriculum for people with disabilities to help them successfully learn to use digital technology to gain and maintain employment
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston | Funding will help high school students gain technical and leadership skills through the Workforce Readiness Program.
  • AAMA | Funding will be used to purchase technology and equipment to support students through the training program at the Work and Learn Center, with an emphasis on digital literacy and design.
  • Dress for Success | Funding will be used to provide Houston-area women with the resources needed to obtain long-term employment through access to job readiness training, digital skills workshops, computers, and mobile labs.
  • AVANCE-Houston | Funding will support adult literacy program and continue to build pathways to economic mobility for families in the community.