Colorful socks donned, donated at City Hall tribute for George H.W. Bush

At Mayor Sylvester Turner’s City Hall get together Monday night, a sea of socks showed up to support the late President George H.W. Bush.

All throughout his life, President Bush was seen wearing colorful socks at various sporting events, with Mattress Mack and even while meeting with Presidents Clinton and Obama.

“I remember for Halloween he would wear Halloween. Like for different occasions he would wear whatever was coming up, like if it was for Christmas, or sometimes he would wear one of one. I mean he was magnificent,” says Elisia Saenz.

“Well his socks usually described his fashion,” says Jeremiah Patterson.

“I remember him whenever he would go to the Astros games and just every time they had him in the wheelchair, they would always do something with his socks,” says Priscilla Olvera.

Sock donations were also collected to benefit Interfaith Ministries Meals On Wheels.