College-aged voters getting more involved ahead of November elections

Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke visited two Houston universities on Tuesday, rallying hundreds of students ahead of the November elections. 

In a room packed to capacity near Rice University, hundreds of students, alumni and supporters of Beto, applauded the Democratic candidate for Senate, as he prepares to face off against incumbent, Republican Ted Cruz.

"This particular administration-- both in the Senate and in the White House are not what young people in America want," said Rice University sophomore, Maddy Scannell.

"It's super exciting to see so many people here. I grew up in Houston and so it feels like a revolution happening here right now," said Rice alumni Karenna Versalovic.

Rice was one of two local universities Beto visited on Tuesday afternoon during his campaign trail. 

At Texas Southern University-- a similar story. Hundreds of young voters like junior Tamia Taylor packed into an auditorium, showing a reformed interest in politics. 

"People are way more involved, way more excited this go around to vote. I think it's just because people want a change. I think people are just now seeing that we are the ones that make a difference and they want to be the ones to do that," Taylor said. 

While some are hoping for a change to the current political climate, many others are vying to have their voices heard for the first time.

"People are ready to take their country back. It's that simple. A lot of folks my age recognize that this election is about our future. Not the next four years or the next six years. This is about the rest of our lives," said Franz Brotzen, President of the Rice Democrats. 

"After hearing him speak today, I'm more interested in getting into the election more and researching it more, and seeing what I can do to really make my vote count," said TSU junior Treat Carrier.

"It's important for us young people to get out there and vote because these are the people that are going to be our leaders. They're going to be affecting us. So I really urge everyone to go out there and vote," said TSU sophomore, Za'Niya Miles. 

Beto and Cruz are expected to face off in another debate next week in San Antonio on October 16.