Cleveland city manager terminated not too long after vulgar argument was caught on video

After what has been a contentious situation between Cleveland Mayor Richard Boyett and City Manager Stacy Williams, it all came to an end on Tuesday night after Williams was terminated. 

During a closed door executive session, a motion was made and approved to terminate and replace Williams with the city secretary.

The approved motion upset some council members and residents inside the packed room at city hall.

The decision also led to another heated display, as another council member, Delores Terry, spoke out against the decision. Cleveland Mayor Richard Boyett then asked her to be taken out of the room.

"She needs to leave," said Boyett.

"We need to know if the position was advertised," said Terry.

BACKGROUND: Cleveland mayor caught on tape cursing, threatening city manager

Williams was then asked to say a few words and was told he did not have the floor to speak by Boyett.

Williams was appointed by Cleveland's City Council to be interim city manager on January 7 after the previous city manager resigned. However, it was a move the mayor strongly opposed.

"He’s put my termination on every council agenda since this is nothing new," said Williams. "It turned into a very personal situation, It's very unfortunate."

The motion follows after a viral video of Boyett and Williams appeared on social media. FOX 26 obtained a copy of the body-worn camera video showing the verbal argument. 

In the video, vulgarity was frequently used by the mayor toward Williams. 

"You are a [sic] (expletive) if you think I’m going to sit here and let you run this City," said Mayor Boyett after entering the office of City Manager Stacy Williams.

It rapidly got worse.

"I'll be up here, (expletive) every day from now on and watch your (expletive), that's all I'm going to do," said Boyett to Williams.

"You know you are going to be fired," threatened Boyett. "It's going to be my life thing to make sure you never get another job with anybody again."


At one point during the exchange, Boyett taunts Williams as if hoping the confrontation will turn physical.

"It bothers you right now," he said. "You would like to take a punch at me."

When the City Manager remains unprovoked, Mayor Boyett exits, but not before firing one more nasty shot.

"(expletive) you and the horse that brought you into Cleveland," Boyett yells at Williams.

Boyett later addressed the video at a previous city council meeting and expressed regret at a recent city council meeting.

"I lost my temper and I said some things," Boyett said just prior to repeating his intent to fire Williams. "I apologize to him right now."


After the heated city council meeting ON Tuesday, Mayor Richard Boyett did not have any comment.

Williams tells FOX 26, due to political hardship, their working relationship took a hit.

"I’m just disappointed that I was not allowed due process, and to be able to speak and defend myself. Basically, I was fired without cause," said Williams. "I was very committed to the city of Cleveland."

FOX 26 has learned that the termination will likely cost local taxpayers at least $280,000 to buy out Williams' contract.