City officials monitor possibility of tropical system hitting Houston

AC Weston brought her kids to the Houston Zoo before the weather gets ugly, and that's about all of the storm preparations she's done so far.

"We don't want it to come here," she said.

"I'm not going to lie on the news. Because there's a lot of us that even though hurricanes come the majority of us aren't really prepared," she confessed after being asked if she had her hurricane supplies ready.

The truth is, the longer it's been since a hurricane, the more relaxed we get. Mayor Turner says the city and county emergency services learned a lot during Harvey. One being lesson was to make sure people prepare and take it seriously even if it doesn't mature.

"But whether it's a hurricane or a system, those systems can produce a lot of rain water in a short period of time, so we're watching it carefully and we are encouraging people to be storm aware," he said.

Top off your gas tank, and get your food and water ready. Get batteries and chargers, all the things you  heard before, but do it now and not when a storm is breathing down your neck.

Even if this turns into nothing, it's only early July and there's still plenty of hurricane season left. Get your hurricane kit up to snuff. Don't panic, but do be prepared.