City of Houston to announce Safer Street initiative

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — Getting around Houston may be getting a little safer, at least in certain designated areas. 

The intersection of Smith Street and Holman Street in midtown Houston is one of a dozen dangerous intersections scheduled to get a safety makeover. 

The City of Houston has joined an effort to determine spots where there have been crashes and where bicyclists and pedestrians have been injured.

"The Mayor gave us a challenge, to Bike Houston, to identify ten dangerous intersections for bicyclists,” explains Clark Martinson, executive director of Bike Houston.

In fact, several organizations have listed twelve dangerous intersections that will be upgraded as part of the Safer Streets Improvement Initiative. Smith Street at Holman Street is one intersection that Bike Houston would like to see with a wider cycling path for instance, in an area where it looks like bicyclists go riding off into the woods, but it is actually a narrow trail.

"We want our children to grow up and be safe walking to school, walking to a friend’s house, riding their bikes to the park," adds Martinson. "This is really important for our safety.”

"I was crossing Westheimer and it was a fresh green light," says bicyclist Michael Witt as he describes the time he was struck by a vehicle. "I started going. Someone decided to run the red. Messed my bike up. Driver took off and I kind of took a couple years off from riding, but now I ride again."

Some of the bicyclists who spoke with FOX 26 News say that making at least a dozen dangerous intersections safer is a nice start. 

"I am glad," says bicyclist Miguel Camacho. "I don’t think it’s enough."

The City of Houston will announce the initiative on Thursday, release the locations of all twelve intersections and explain how each will be made safer.