Citizens cram community meeting about southwest side bridge closure fearing traffic nightmares

The Ardmore Bridge runs over Braes Bayou near 288 and north and south MacGregor.

It's going to be demolished and replaced with a wider longer higher bridge. The good news is it will reduce the risk of flooding.

The bad news-- Residents say they were told there will be no two-way traffic on north and south MacGregor for at least a year after the bridge is closed.

That, nearby residents say, will be a traffic nightmare.

"When we asked about our alternative, we were told it was going to cost between $6 and $25 million. The bridge itself only cost $3 million," said Tomaro Bell, Super Neighborhoods President for MacGregor. "We were asking during construction if you could make each side two ways and that's been rejected." 

District D City Council Member Dwight Boykins made a phone call and got the answer those concerned citizens wanted to hear.

"There was some misinformation I contacted the city engineer we are only talking about a temporary fix and we will revisit and address this on Monday," Boykins said.