Chase suspect in custody after lengthy standoff with police

Officials are giving an update after a chase suspect found himself in a stand-off with police and he was threatening to jump off an exit ramp. 

Around 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, officers responded to a criminal mischief call. When they arrived, the suspect took off in a vehicle, following in a pursuit that lasted 20 minutes around southwest Houston. 

The chase ended on the Sam Houston Tollway going northbound, and there the suspect exited the car and displayed a razor blade to the officers as if he was going to cut himself. After throwing it off to the side, and made a move to jump off the exit ramp.

"At that point, the officers had a suspect who was threatening suicide at that point, so the officers did a really good job in terms of restraint and in terms of talking to him," said Assistant Chief H.J. Gaw of Houston Police Department.

Backup came from the Hostage and Negotiating Team and SWAT. The suspect was hanging over the edge, but was able to be pulled back and secured by officers.