Charter school that promises to get students to college opens two Houston campuses

In some ways, Idea Public Schools is like all the independent school districts in our area.

“We are a public school, we are held accountable to the same exact standards as traditional independent school districts and we enroll all students,” said Allison Serafin, Idea Public Schools Vice President.

Like all public schools, students pay nothing to attend. So what makes Idea Public Schools so unique?

“Our commitment is getting your child to and through college,” said Idea Public Schools Regional Director Steven Corrales. “For the past 14 years, 100 percent of our graduates from Idea Public Schools have been accepted to colleges across the nation.”

If you and your child see a college degree in their future, Idea Public Schools might be the best way to make that happen.

“We don’t offer tackle football, we may not offer some of the extra-curricular that comprehensive high schools offer, but we can fulfill the commitment to families around their children having access to a college education, not just getting to college. We also want to fulfill our promise of children getting through college,” Serafin said.

Right now, the two campuses set to open in Houston this August, Idea Hardy on Little York and Ideas Spears in the Jensen East-tex Freeway area, will only have classes for kindergarten, second, and sixth grade.

“But every year, we will add a grade level until we are full K-12,” Corrales said.

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