CHARGED: Man accused of repeatedly pleasing himself in public

Harris County Sheriff's Office has charged a man accused of pleasing himself in public.

It’s an update to a story you saw First on FOX last week.  Alonzo Curry, 35, is charged with indecent exposure after women complained about a man driving naked in his car while performing lewd acts in northwest Houston.

The man who’s charged is a convicted felon who just committed Aggravated Assault in December.  He was able to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to that charge in January, but this time deputies say Curry will soon be picked up, arrested and locked up in the Harris County Jail.    

The pictures are disturbing.  They were posted by a woman who says she couldn’t believe a naked man in a Walmart parking lot was touching himself and trying to coax her into his car.  At one point, he looks right into her camera as she snaps pictures.  Another woman, Mikaela says this is the same man who did the same thing to her as she walked in a neighborhood, only that time she says he got out of his car, exposed, touching himself and spewing sexual obscenities.

"He’s really frightening.  He’s really frightening,” says Mikaela. 

Harris County sheriff’s detectives say the man in the photos who was victimizing women in northwest Houston is Alonzo Curry. Curry is now charged with Indecent Exposure.

”He’s actually very dangerous because he has a history, a long history,” says Harris County Sheriff’s Office Detective Norman Fitts.  Curry has more than a couple dozen previous criminal charges against him including Deadly Conduct, Aggravated Assault of a Family Member, drug possession and two previous Indecent Exposure charges, just to name a few. His criminal history actually begins when he was just 13 years old with a charge of Disrupting School Transportation.

Mikaela says she’s shocked at just how many women responded to her social media post saying he victimized them as well. 

"He was all over northwest Houston exposing himself and it was very disgusting," Mikaela says.

Two of Curry’s accusers took pictures of the predator's car.  One photo shows no license plate on the car.  Another shows the plate partially covered.  Detectives have tracked down the car. The say a woman Curry is dating bought it about a month ago.

“He actually went with her to the dealership and the dealership identified him as well,” says Detective Fitts. 

The sheriff’s office is asking other victims to come forward.  Indecent Exposure is only punishable by six months in jail, but Curry could face several counts depending on the number of victims.  Curry is on a three year Deferred Adjudication probation for December’s assault charge.  He’s expected to now serve that three years behind bars because a condition of his probation is to stay out of trouble in order to stay out of jail.

If you recognize Curry and were victimized by him, you are asked to call HCSO Adult Sex Crimes unit at 713-274-9370.