Chad Holley not indicted in capital murder case

A Harris County grand jury declined on Friday to indict Chad Holley for capital murder in the Sept 21, 2016 shooting death of David Trejo Gonzalez.

“This is why we have grand juries," said Jim Leitner, Bureau Chief of the Grand Jury Division for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, in an interview with FOX 26 News. "They heard all the facts and they had a different conclusion, they returned a no bill.”

Holley's supporters maintained an electronic monitoring device he was wearing at the time of the murder would prove his innocence.

“It’s one of those devices that just tells you when he’s at his home and during the period in question," explained Leitner. "It had no readings at all, it didn’t help or hurt the case.” 

“We presented the case to the grand jury and the grand jury declined to indict,” said Leitner in a statement. “If other substantive evidence emerges, the law allows for a grand jury to again consider this matter.”

Trejo Gonzalez was shot to death and found in the parking lot of a Houston apartment complex.