Cash or card? Relationship between spending and payment method

A new survey suggests how much we spend determines whether we pay with cash or plastic.

The findings suggest nearly half of Americans say they prefer using cash for purchases under $10.

It shouldn't be much a surprise, as fewer people carry cash.

A Bankrate study found roughly 8 in 10 carry less than $50 on a regular basis. For half of those people, it's less than $20.

Many of those we talked to, locally, say their personal tipping-point between cash and cards is different.

"Usually, it's going to be credit or debit," says Daryl Elzy, "The more cash you have in your pocket, the more you're going to spend on impulse buys. I would say: Over 40 bucks is gonna make me think twice."

But Marley Martinez says, "I prefer cash, because, sometimes with cards you gotta pay extra whenever you use it."

More findings from the survey, suggest the reason people reach for cash, when they do, is that it's perceived as easier and quicker for those smaller and cheaper purchases.