Campaign commercial urges Houstonians to vote 'no' on Prop B

An ad titled “Vote Against Prop B” just hit the internet and the airwaves Thursday. It’s paid for by “Protect Houston PAC".

Saturday’s debate of the issue is on, after the fire unions concerns that the format was manipulated in favor of the mayor, we’re remedied.

The mayor has also been accused of being inconsistent with the numbers he says come up with Prop B. This city claimed it equated to a 25 percent increase for firefighters. At Thursday night’s meeting a new figure was thrown out.

“I have offered the firefighters a three-year pay raise of 9.5 percent and it is still on the table but they are asking the voters to authorize a pay raise of 29 percent in the first year costing more than $100 million a year the city simply cannot pay it,” says Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The mayor says police officers have accepted a two-year pay raise of 7 percent, which is why the firefighters salary increase would go up even more.

The next town hall will be held on October 8 at the Alief Community Center. The deadline to register to vote is Monday.