Camera crew filming promo about Houston robbed at gunpoint

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A camera crew was filming a promotional video about Houston’s great living conditions when something unexpected happened.

“The day began very well. We are filming a lot of media for a promotional video for a real estate company. The idea is to show Houston as a great place to invest for real estate,” said Zach Jankovic of Cut To Create, a production company.

Jankovic and his film crew were showcasing the city as a great place to live, getting glamour shots of the iconic “We Love Houston” sign off the Katy freeway. Then the mother of all ironies struck. Zach said he had gone to his car briefly for an equipment transfer, but seconds later, his crew came dashing over.

“The guys run to the car, saying ‘Hey, man, we just got held up. A guy just pulled a gun on us. We ran away. We didn't know what to do.’” said Jankovic.

He said the robber had come by on foot, threatened the crew at gunpoint and made off with about $15,000 worth of camera equipment. They called Houston Police, then followed the robber at a distance.

“We see this guy, wearing red t-shirt, jeans. He'd walked past us earlier to, sort of, scout out and then came back and did with his deed,” said Jankovic.

But he made a mistake -- he tossed the tripod and the GoPro, and the GoPro captured his face.
Zach said the robber disappeared around the corner and that witnesses reported the robber had driven off in a maroon Nissan Altima. Zach said they later discovered the robber had also tossed his gun, which turned out to be plastic.