Calling for courage not fear, Rep. Crenshaw pushes Texas reopening

Insisting it’s time our leaders act with “courage” not “fear,” Houston Congressman Dan Crenshaw is speaking forcefully in favor of the continued reopening of Texas.

“You have to keep on with the mission and the mission, in this case, is keeping our society alive. The economy and our society will wither on the vine and die if you force people in lockdowns too long,” said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw believes that because Texas has flattened the Covid-19 curve and insured its health system won’t be overwhelmed it is time to take “take the brakes off the economy”.

“Now some politicians, many politicians, especially in blue states are telling people it’s still not safe to go outside, you can’t do anything, we control your safety. That has never been the contract between the government and the governed, never,” said Crenshaw.

The Heights Republican gives Governor Greg Abbott high marks for being “honest with Texans” about risk and allowing citizens to control their own safety moving forward.

“I think it takes no courage at all to tell people to stay at home or we will call the police on you. That takes no courage, that’s fear and that’s not how we can react in the future,” said Crenshaw.

With the aim of speeding rehabilitation of the U.S. economy, Crenshaw has filed legislation which, if approved, would allow Americans to return to their jobs while still collecting the $600 per week unemployment benefit through July 31.