Buzbee makes final campaign push before runoff election

With "persuasion time" slipping away before the City of Houston's runoff election, mayoral challenger Tony Buzbee placed his final chips on "frustration" over crime.

"The criminal class in this city are brazen. They are brazen. They think nobody can touch them," said Buzbee.

Positioned in front of a recently robbed restaurant on Richmond Avenue, Buzbee pledged to quickly expand Houston police patrols by 20 percent and immediately replace current HPD Chief Art Acevedo.

"We see how crime continues to rise in this city and we see him grandstanding when he should be solving crime," said Buzbee.

Buzbee's betting his focus on tens of thousands of unsolved thefts and the on-going plague of chronic human trafficking will help close a considerable electoral gap with incumbent Sylvester Turner.

"The goal will be to double the number of police officers we currently see on the streets. The residents demand it. The residents deserve it," said Buzbee who claimed Chicago is a major metropolitan area with 60 percent of its officers on patrol compared with 40 percent in Houston.

On Wednesday at City Hall Mayor Turner tempered his confidence with restraint three days out from the election.

"You run like you are a little bit nervous and you run like you are 20 points behind," said Turner.

Encouraged by recent polls indicating he holds a substantial lead, Turner believes a majority of Houston voters have gauged both candidates, approve of his overall performance and will award him a second term of office on Saturday.

"Every single day, every single day I get up doing my best for the people in this city. Every single day and I trust people understand that," said Turner who is endorsed by the Houston Police Officers Union.