Bullet holes dangerously close to sleeping children in southwest Houston

"It's not happening every other week or every blue moon, this is happening every other day," said Cheri Whitfield. And Whitfield and her neighbor Sharonda Lawrence say they've had enough.

"I've been around violence I've seen a lot and watched a lot but now it hit home so now it's time for me to make a move," Lawrence said.

The two mothers live at the Kings Row Apartments at 4707 Barberry.

The sprawling complex is predominantly HUD housing.

It's about a half a mile long with 800 units.

Lawrence says she's seen people getting shot at the complex but this is the first time bullets have entered her apartment.

Both mothers say they heard a number of gunshots around 11 p.m. Thursday night.

"We fell to the ground as we laid on the ground we heard a noise come through the house," Lawrence said.

Both apartments not only have bullet holes those bullets came dangerously close to striking sleeping children.

"My 4-year-old was up here and my 3-year-old was at the bottom." Whitfield said

Both children were just inches away from getting hit by the bullet.

"It is hell to be poor in America because if you're poor nobody really cares about you except for a select few," said community activist
Quanell X. "Without proper security this is not a safe place for anyone to live."

The complex is owned by the Michaels Organization.

A spokeswoman says they have armed security at the complex until 1 AM and they are in contact with HPD about increasing patrols around the property.

"We are grateful no one was hurt," the spokeswoman said. "The comfort and safety of our staff and residents is our highest priority."