Breast size envy & self-examinations

Women who wish they had larger breasts are less likely to check for breast cancer. A study says those women feel ashamed and embarrassed to do a self exam.

400 British women were the subjects of the study.Most of them said they didn't like their breasts. Some of the women wanted larger breasts, others smaller in size, Not only did researchers find these women to emotionally dislike self-exams, but they also found those ladies were less confident in their ability to detect a change in their breasts.

The study was published in a journal called "Body Image." No matter the case, women should always give themselves exams and not let cancer sneak in..

Do you believe smartphone addiction is real? Some of Apple's most significant investors are worried about just that. The investors sent an open letter to Apple, urging the company to fight device addiction among children.

Those investors control $2 billion worth of Apple shares. They want Apple to create ways for parents to restrict their children's access to their iPhones. Some studies and surveys were cited on how children use smartphones and social media too much, harming their minds and bodies.