Breaking Bond: Registered sex offender free on bond allegedly pistol whips driver he crashed into

Every month, 30 to 40 convicted felons walk out free from jail on bond for possessing something they can't legally have a gun. Many of them go on to hurt or kill someone.

"Marcus Oneil," said hearing officer Courtney St. Julian during the Aug. 3 Probable Cause Court hearing.

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Finding himself facing criminal charges is routine for 29-year-old Marcus Deshawn Oneil.

"This is kind of what he does," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "And he's been nonstop since 2013."

Oneil is a registered sex offender convicted of sexual assault of a child.

"Mr. Oneil, you are charged with the felony offense of being a felon and in possession of a weapon," the hearing officer said.

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Just last month, Oneil got off parole after serving time for a felon in possession of a weapon charge.

"He was actually sent to prison for three years," Kahan said. 

"Mr. Oneil is a true habitual offender," St. Julian said during the probable cause hearing.

"It's clearly obvious that the magistrate knows full well that he's a menace a threat to society," said Kahan.

The state asked St. Julian to deny Oneil bond. She ignored that request and set Oneil's bond at $15,000. The next day, Oneil posts bond and walks out of jail.

"And 17 days later, he's once again charged with felon in possession of a weapon, a gun, and aggravated assault," Kahan said.

In the most recent case, court documents state Oneil pistol-whipped a man after he rear-ended that man's truck on the freeway.

"My first thought on this is what happened with Terran Green getting in a shootout with four officers from different agencies," said Kahan. "He too was out on bond for felon in possession of a weapon."

According to statistics from Crime Stoppers, during 2022 and the first six months of this year, 2,530 defendants charged with felon in possession of a weapon were granted bond in Harris County.

About a fourth, or 569 of them, go for PR, personal recognizance, or get out of jail free card.

"Very few of them got out on more than a $50,000 bond," Kahan said.

Marcus Oneil remains jailed with no bond set. That could change on Sept. 26 during his bond hearing.