Breaking Bond: Murder suspect free on multiple felony bonds, charged with another violent crime

When 351st Criminal District Court Judge George Powell gave 39-year-old Michael Jackson his first felony bond last March this is what he knew about the convicted felon:

"Jackson has eight felony convictions of which half are violent felonies," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "He's been to TDCJ not once not twice but three times."

Judge Powell gave Jackson two felony bonds for two charges of felon in possession of a weapon.

One of the charges talks about Jackson having a silencer.

"Someone that has enough street savvy to get themselves a silencer to me is a continuing threat and danger to the community," Kahan said.

Just three months later Michael Jackson is back before Judge Powell charged with murder.

He's accused of shooting three people. One of the victims is Patrick Hewett.

"As much as Michael Jackson deserves his fair share of the blame I give more blame to our criminal justice system," said Kahan.

The District Attorney's office filed a motion asking Judge Powell to revoke Jackson's bond and keep him behind bars.

"You would think that would have been it," Kahan said.

But no.

Judge Powell gave Jackson yet another bond for the murder charge.

Less than two weeks later Jackson and his 38-year-old brother Troy Jackson were shot while at an apartment complex on the northwest side.

Both men are now charged with felon in possession of a weapon.

"What we're seeing with what I'm calling the Harris County Bond Pandemic what you guys are calling Breaking Bond I've never seen in the 30 plus years of being a victim advocate," said Kahan. "This is inane and defies logic."

Both Jackson brothers are still in the hospital and are expected to survive their gunshot wounds.

Judge Powell also allowed Troy Jackson to be released from jail through multiple felony bonds.

We wanted an explanation from Judge Powell but he ignored our calls.