Black Lives Matter Houston protest for Philando Castile

A ruling in Minnesota even has people in Houston upset. In court, Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter after Philando Castile was shot to death on July 6, 2016. The story captured attention on social media when Diamond Reynolds, Castile's girlfriend, posted what happened after the shooting on Facebook Live.

"In spite of the evidence that was presented, another police officer has gone unconvicted, unindicted and there is no justice," says founder of Black Lives Matter Houston Ashton P. Woods.

People speaking on behalf of the organization say the verdict is why they are taking a stance in front of Houston City Hall and the Houston Police Department.

"It's Juneteenth right now -- we are supposed to be celebrating freedom, liberation from slavery and we just got handed a verdict that makes absolutely no sense to me and it doesn't make any sense to my people," says organizer Kandice Webber.

As those with the movement marched down the streets with posters as they were chanting, Houston police officers were right alongside them.

"I want real conversation, I want our people at the table, I want equality, liberation, I want people to understand, it doesn't mater the color of this mans skin, his rights were taken away from him," says Webber.

"Black bodies thrown in the street and shot in cars with children 16 inches away from the bullet I mean we are here to demand justice, we are not asking for it, we are hear to demand that we stop being murdered, we are not asking for it, we want justice or there will be no peace," says Woods.

Officer Yanez was also cleared of two other charges, specifically, endangering Castile's girlfriend and her daughter, after firing his gun near them.