Binge eating & obesity

A lot of people have trouble with binge eating. Experts say it's now the most common eating disorder in the U.S.

Forty percent of American adults and 19 percent of adolescents are obese, and although we may blame that ice cream or pasta binge on a stressful day or a moment of weakness, a new study shows it could have to do with hormones.

It's more complex than meets the eye and more men are affected by it than we thought. Are you one of those binge eaters? Well despite what you think you know, it's not just a female problem. It has become a real issue with men – eating to our heart's content.

But now there's help for you with a new facility in Houston that specializes in eating disorders.

Andy McLoughlin battled the disorder, and he's on the Factor to tell us about the binge eating program.