Beating inflation: How to enjoy summer travel without breaking the bank

While travelers have dreamed of getting away throughout the pandemic, inflation is deflating some plans.  

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Nearly 70% of Americans are making changes to their summer travel plans due to inflation, according to a Bankrate survey.  

"We’re putting off major travel because of high prices and inflation on gas and groceries," said Delia Cadriel.  

"We planned this trip for two or three years.  We came. We knew it was going to be expensive, and it was going to hurt our budget," said Ramona Upright, who is traveling through Galveston from Nebraska.  

But there are ways to still enjoy a summer trip without blowing your budget.

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Scott Keyes with Scott's Cheap Flights says travel in early June or late August.

"There are still some school districts and families who are in school, or starting the school year in late August," explained Scott Keyes of Scott's Cheap Flights.


While domestic travel is in high demand, Keyes says you can save on international travel.

"Travel overseas. Mexico, Latin America, Europe is still down about 15% to 20%, maybe even higher," said Keyes.

Josh Zuber with AAA Travel says be flexible with your dates and destinations.

"I’m talking about rental cars, airfare, hotels. If you travel during off-peak times, you stand a good chance to save some money," said Zuber.

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Many folks are choosing to travel shorter distances, and taking advantage of beaches, national parks, and campgrounds.  

To save on bookings, use AirBNB's, or search for deals on travel sites such as Kayak. Hotels often discount rooms when you join their loyalty programs. Also look for AAA or senior discounts, and check sites like AutoSlash or Turo for deals on rental cars. 

"Pack snacks or meals to save on food costs. Pack the cooler. That can save you a few bucks on the road," said Zuber.


Search online for free activities your family would enjoy in your destination; and book soon,as prices rise the closer you get to departure, and airlines are cutting schedules due to staff shortages.