Be The Change: Deputy Goforth's widow gets tattoo in his honor

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The healing process isn't easy when you lose a loved one ... Especially when their passing is shown across media outlets across the world.

But Deputy Darren Goforth's widow, Kathleen, has taken a small step in her healing, by getting a tattoo in his honor.

A few days following Deputy Goforth's murder at a Chevron gas station in northwest Harris County, Kathleen went to Prison Breaks Tattoos to create an everlasting tribute to him, to the men and women and blue, and to those who are suffering through mental illness.

In a touching video posted on Prison Breaks Tattoos Facebook page, you hear Kathleen speak about the tattoo and what it means.

It begins with the words "I love you, Darren. Always."

"I'm getting this tattoo, not just for you Darren, but for all the men and women in uniform that serve, and what they do, and that they sacrifice - to honor them," said Kathleen in the video recorded by the shop owner BK Klev. "Whatever deed or evil act is done, whether we know about it on Earth or not, it will be punished. It will be rectified. It will not go unnoticed."

She also wants people to respect the men and women in blue who serve the community.

"BE THE CHANGE is the first part of the Ghandi quote ... and the change we want to see in the world. And what I want to see in the world is men and women in uniform revered and honored," Kathleen said. "1984, that was my ... Darren's badge. That was yours, baby. I love you very much."