Bayou City Buzz - YES to SEX & LegalFling apps

Dating waters can be rough from finally meeting that special someone who you actually have chemistry with to making decisions on how far to take things. And what if things take a turn for the worst? That's where one sex app wants to help you.

It's the YES to SEX Modern Safe Sexual Consent app that has many people talking dirty. In as little as 25 seconds, you can discreetly ask your partner and validate sexual consent before engaging in the act while also agreeing on what type of protection will be used.

Partners confirm decisions to engage in sexual activity and personally verbalizing a YES! Why verbal? Texas IX code of conduct is to get a conscious voluntary enthusiastic "yes" every step of the way from touching to intercourse. No means no and silence means NO. 

Most people have not made that decision throughout the date and what if they change their mind later on? Consent can always be withdrawn and the app continuously states that. Being passed out also means "no" at any time.

The need for an app like YES to SEX is growing in popularity. A similar app named LegalFling will be available by the end of February. With just one swipe, the app developer promises you will be able to secure sexual consent, permission whether you allow video or photography, condoms, explicit language and your sexually-transmitted diseases status.