Bayou City Buzz - Nick and the Groove

They’ve only had two live performances since they formed their band three months ago, but that hasn’t stopped this local teen cover band from going viral.

Meet Nick and the Groove, all students of the School of Rock - Cear Lake. The band consists of 16-year-old Nicholas Connors on lead vocals, 18-year-old Erich Niekam on guitar, 18-year-old Caeden Breneman on drums, 16-year-old Raine McClaine on keys and vocals, and 15-year-old Emily Klang on bass guitars and vocals.

They've already garnered over 10 million views on their video. They started off with just 17 cover songs and could barely keep up since blowing up on social media.

CoCo Dominguez talked to the band about the attention they're getting and how they came together.