Baseball players file assault lawsuit against Concrete Cowboy bar

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — The son of legendary Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens and his teammate say they were brutally beaten by bouncers at a Washington Avenue nightclub on New Year's Eve.

Kacy Clemens and Conner Capel say they went to Concrete Cowboy and left from the venue beaten. The two minor league baseball players say when they arrived at the nightclub, they approached the bar and were told by a bouncer to move.  

Clemens and Capel say they were then told to move again by another employee of the club.  The two baseball players say that the bouncer then got upset and began attacking them. Other bouncers, including 34-year-old Nicholas Estrada-Johnson, joined in.  

Both Clemens and Capel say they sustained multiple injuries and Estrada-Johnson was arrested and charged with assault. The two athletes have filed a lawsuit against Concrete Cowboy, seeking a million dollars.

"The culture of Concrete Cowboy needs to be exposed for what it is – bouncers who make it their mission to brutalize and assault patrons who they perceive to not follow their orders," says attorney Randy Sorrels in a statement released on Wednesday. "The bouncers picked on the wrong group of innocent young men in this instance and we intend to bring the employees, managers and owners of Concrete Cowboy to justice."