Baby found home alone, her mother found murdered miles away

A seven-month-old baby girl is found home alone and her mother, 24-year-old Jennifer Nicole Mamo, is found murdered miles away on the embankment near Turkey Creek. Detectives have arrested Mamo's boyfriend, 29-year-old Jasper Alexander Davis.

At first glance, the north Harris County home where Mamo lived looks like any other with remnants of Houston’s first snowfall in years, but the crime scene tape and Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators are indicators that something awful happened there.  

Deputies initially discovered the seven-month-old baby girl all by herself. Around 15 minutes away, the body of the the baby’s mother was found near the creek on Birnamwood Boulevard.

"It appears she may have been out at a party last night and celebrating," explains Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. "Now we discover her tragic demise."

Davis told a loved one that he killed his girlfriend and the person he told contacted authorities, according to HCSO investigators.

Neighbors in the Remington Ranch subdivision say Mamo was moving out of Davis' home but he apparently was trying to stop her.  

"It's always a shame, especially around this time of year," says Sheriff Gonzalez. "So we'll try to piece everything together and see what transpired. Another reminder these family violence situations need to be taken seriously. Many times it ends up leading to a homicide."   

"Christmas is coming up in a couple weeks," says Chris Wills, who lives in Davis' neighborhood.  "The baby has to grow up without her mother.  I don’t know what her family is going through. Prayers going out to them.  It’s sad, it’s sad."

"It's scary," adds neighbor Liz Chevez. "I feel frightened for the baby."

Child Protective Services has placed the baby with relatives.