Baby dropped off at Houston fire station in good health

CPS is investigating after a baby was dropped off at a Houston fire station.

According to the assistant fire chief, the baby's mom gave the infant to a woman who lives near Fire Station 58. That woman took the baby to the firefighters.

Firefighters say the baby is between six to eight months old and is in good health. She was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

The assistant chief says firefighters will protect the identity of the mother.

"For us to protect the identity of any parent that feels they have no where else to turn, we want them to feel confident that they can bring the child to a fire station and there's going to be no questions asked," Assistant Fire Chief Roy Lozano say. "More than anything else, what we encourage is actually putting the them in the physical arms of a firefighter because if you just leave them outside you just never know what's going to happen."

Under Texas' Baby Moses or Safe Have Law, parents may take their baby that's 60 days old or younger unharmed and safe to any hospital, fire station or EMS station, but they must hand the baby to an employee.