Autopsy results reflect medication in Bland's system

Sandra Bland's autopsy shows she had been taking an epilepsy drug called Keppra, that can cause suicidal thoughts or impair thinking or reactions. This, on top of Bland's own admission that she suffered from depression, post-traumatic stress, and once tried to kill herself, put the 28 year old woman in a fragile mental state.

This information was known to Waller County when they put her in jail, yet intake documents show Bland was either not asked for detail on her mental health, or that it wasn't written down.

Houston Psychiatrist Daniela White says Bland had all the high risk factors for suicide.

"The past suicide attempt, the mental illness, the stress of being in jail, could have been creating a situation where she would actually think about taking her life," White said.

Bland committed suicide on her 3rd day in jail after a traffic stop.

She was not able to come up with the $500 needed for her $5,000 bond.