Authorities investigate Texas A&M student's death

The Justice of the Peace has not released  a cause of death yet, but one of their first reports concluded that the death of Texas A&M student, Joseph Little was “unnatural."

18-year-old Little died at Callaway House, and a person reportedly found Little having a seizure on Sunday evening. Callaway House is an off-campus housing complex just across the street from Texas A&M.  It’s not clear who called 911 or what lead to that seizure. 

Little was being treated at College Station Medical Center for about 2 days and was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon.  Texas A&M sources told KBTX that they suspected an overdose.  However,  the Justice of the Peace said nothing points toward drugs or alcohol right now.  Little is originally from Houston, and his family was there when he died.  They’ve decided to donate his organs.  After that, the Justice of the Peace will be able to do the autopsy.