Attorney Tony Buzbee announces campaign for mayor of Houston

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee has had everyone from the Clinton's to the Trumps at his River Oaks mansion. He was successful in getting an abuse of power case dismissed for former Texas Governor Rick Perry. He won an estimated $400 million for his clients from BP and is a former Marine. Now attorney Tony Buzbee could be taking his life in a new direction -- a direction that could impact those directly who live in the City of Houston.

Tony Buzbee says he will run for mayor of Houston. Buzbee made the announcement on the Isiah Factor Uncensored.

Buzbee said he wants to put Houston on the map.

"When we think about the best cities in the country, the best cities in the world, we hear about New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, even New Orleans. Houston never makes the list, yet, we have the most diverse population. We have the best place to live. We have the best restaurants. We have best people. But why are we never included in the conversation? I would respectfully suggest because of the leadership."

Buzzbee says he will not take campaign donations and will finance his entire campaign. He also said he would not take a salary.