Astros fans enjoyed close of ALDS at St. Arnold Brewery

Houston Astros fans cheered on their team at Saint Arnold Brewery as the ‘Stros took on the Oakland A’s in Game 4 of the American League Division Series, defeating the A’s 11-6.

Fans filled every socially distanced picnic table on the brewery’s outdoor beer garden, while the indoor restaurant portion of the brewery remained closed due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

Fans watched the game on the 16-foot Saint Arnold super screen.

Houston Astros defeat A’s in ALDS, will face Yankees or Rays in ALCS

The Houston Astros are continuing their quest to win another World Series title. 

“We’ll be showing all the Astros games here—kind of doing the same thing,” said Jeremy Johnson with St. Arnold Brewery. “So you know, we have one of the biggest screens here in Houston. We’ll have the sound on for every game.”

Some fans told FOX 26 they were unhappy with the way COVID-19 regulations impacted their season.


“It really sucks we’re not able to really celebrate and go to the bars like we used to do,” said Vanessa Fuentes, an Astros fan. “We’ve missed quite a few of those events that they usually do, but yeah, we’ve been able to get by ... If they have to play another game, we’re going out somewhere. It’s like our good luck.”