Area tax preparer accused of depositing client's refund check into her account

This man who asked that we not show his face or say his name says he met 53-year-old Angela Harris at a reputable tax preparation business.

The first two years Harris did his taxes, he says everything went fine.

But last year he says he never got his refund check in the mail.

“I called her and she wouldn’t answer I ended up messaging her. It was always the IRS fired a bunch of people it’s still on hold don’t worry about it I’ll take care of it for you,” he said.

Harris’s client says he got tired of waiting so he contacted the I.R.S.

He got this letter back from the IRS stating his refund check for $7,774.01 was directly deposited into an account back on April 20.

He contacted police and they discovered Harris allegedly had his tax refund deposited into her bank account.

“And she went crazy with it, buying Burger King all the way up to Best Buy,” he said.

When Harris’s angry client went to the IRS he says they basically told him too bad.

“The I.R.S. is not helping me at all. They pretty much said 'we did our job, it’s your fault, live with it',” he said.

Harris is now charged with felony theft.

After we reached out to Harris for a response she called us and said, ”My attorney says this is only an allegation and therefore I am not to discuss the details with anyone.”

Harris is scheduled to appear in court March 10.