App tailor made for Katy residents now available

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If you need quick access to all things Katy, there's now an app for that. It's simply called the Katy app. It's the newest creation by Appy Chicks.

Business partners Ericka de Jong and Collette Horton live in Fulshear. They have collaborated on apps for Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Cross Creek Ranch, Weston Lakes, and Richmond. Now the app for Katy is free and ready to download on the App store.

"It was born out of necessity because nobody else was doing it," says Horton, who calls herself Appy Chicks' "Main Brain and COA (Chief Amazement Officer.)"

De Jong and Horton says their mission is to put as much relevant information in the app as possible.

"I'm a nerd. I'm a giant nerd. It's got everything in there," Horton says. "It's got Pokemon Go, school stuff, all the things you need as a mom. It's got what you need for shopping, but it's also got what you want as a family."

The businesswomen also say they also hope to help entrepreneurs like themselves.

"This gives small businesses the opportunity to advertise in an affordable way and on a platform that is in your hands," says de Jong, who goes by is Appy Chicks' "Chief Genie & Ambassador of Buzz."

Restaurants will love having their menus on the Katy App. Snappy's menu is already on the app. We met there for the interview as a great opportunity to meet the Snappy's co-owner Bobby, and regular customer, Katy's Mayor Fabol Hughes.

Hughs want to learn more about the app before he gives it an official endorsement, but like everyone else, if there's something he wants on the app that he can't find, all he has to do is call Appy Chicks.

"We want to dig those things out and put it there in the app so they don't ever have to go digging for it again," Horton says.

They are open to suggestions to make the app as useful as possible. Their direct contact information is in the app for easy access.