American Red Cross continues to provide shelters in wake of severe storms, flooding

 Last night the Greater Houston Red Cross in conjunction with community partner agencies, provided five shelter locations for those affected by severe weather. The following shelters are available:

  • Bull Sallas Park Friendship Center in New Caney at 21679 McCleskey Rd. (Montgomery County)
  • Greater Saint Matthew Church at 7701 Jutland Rd. (Harris County)
  • Saint Thomas More Catholic Church at 10330 Hillcroft St. (Harris County)
  • Spring Woods United Methodist Church at 1711 Cypress Creek Parkway (Harris County)

THe following Red Cross managed or supported shelter has transitioned back to standby

  • Kingwood FIrst Baptist at 3500 Woodland Hills Drive (Harris Co)

Anyone evacuating to a Red Cross shelter should bring essential items for each member of the family:

    Prescriptions and emergency medications
    Foods that meet unusual dietary requirements
    Identification to show residence is in affected area and important personal documents 
    Extra clothing, pillows, blankets, hygiene supplies and other comfort items
    Supplies needed for children and infants, such as diapers, formula and toys
    Special items for family members who are elderly or disabled
    Chargers for any electronic devices you bring with you
    Books, games and other ways to entertain your family and yourself
    Public health regulations do not permit pets in shelters. Partner organizations make every effort to provide pet sheltering close to Red Cross shelters so pet owners can visit their pets frequently. Service animals are permitted and may stay with their owner in Red Cross shelters.

STAY SAFE With more severe weather forecasted through the week, the Red Cross is encouraging people to be Red Cross Ready. That means:
•    Assembling an emergency preparedness kit.
•    Creating a household evacuation plan that includes your pets.
•    Staying informed about your community’s risk and response plans.
•    Educating your family on how to use the  Safe and Well website.
•    Downloading the Emergency App for iPhone >> or for Android >> or by visiting
•    Check road conditions in your area prior to travel.


We urge you to share these Red Cross preparedness tips with every member of your household, because the best protection is to be prepared ahead of time.   

FOR HELP Those with non-emergency flood-related needs are urged to call the American Red Cross at 1-866-526-8300.

VOLUNTEERING We thank individuals and community groups who are willing to support our response efforts and encourage them to register to become new volunteers. Learn more and register online at

HOW YOU CAN HELP All Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people.
Help people affected by disasters like hurricanes, floods and countless other crises by making a gift to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Your gift enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small. Visit, or call 1-800-REDCROSS. Contributions may also be sent to your local Red Cross chapter, or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013.

FOR MORE UPDATES Follow the Greater Houston Area Chapter of the American Red Cross on Twitter at @RedCrossHouston. You can also contact the Greater Houston Area Chapter at (713) 526-8300, visit or call 1-800-REDCROSS.
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