Amazing little league baseball game for special kids

What did you do over the weekend?  Some Houston youngsters made memories that will last a lifetime.

“Whoa.  Yaaaaaay,” the crowd yells as one boy blasts the baseball into center field.  It isn't the Majors.  In fact, none of the players in this game will probably go to the pros, although some are pretty good.

”I think he's going to do it.  Whoo and he did it,” the game announcer screams.

Nope this isn't the MLB.  This is for F-U-N.  It is Challenger Little League Baseball where special needs children get to try their hand at America's favorite pass time.

“Take me out to the ball game,” one adorable boy sings.

On a beautiful day like this who doesn't want to start a game of stick ball?  “I want baseball,” declares one player named Garrett.

For two innings, these terrific tykes team up and take on tough competition and they enjoy every minute.

”Seeing the joy in their faces, being included, being able to hang out as a team,” one of the coaches says with a smile.

“It gives these kids an opportunity to play ball just like anybody else,” adds a mom in the crowd.

“I like hitting and home runs, yeah,” smiles Greg after going up to bat.

In this game the rules aren't exactly three strikes you're out.  Brandon had a few tries before a big hit to right field, earning plenty of bragging rights

“Oh so close.  I think it's the pitcher Dylan.  Come on you can do it,” the announcer encourages.

“Just being outside and running and hitting and catching the ball.  Things we take for granted they love doing.  It's a challenge for them every day but they feel so successful when they get out here and do this,” explains one dad.

“Yes it's really fun.  My teammates are awesome,” smiles one of the Challenger baseball players.

“We've seen the kids grow from being extremely shy to now they're talking and playing the game and enjoying it,” adds one of the coaches.

The players are partnered with "buddies", typical kids, who can help them out.

“I have a buddy right here.  He’s Hank Harris.  He's been my buddy for today.  The buddy's are very cool,” smiles one baseball player.

Thanks to the special game the newbie ball players not only had a great game, they now have an unforgettable experience, building memories and friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime.