Almost 100 HISD food service employees facing pay cuts

When it comes to meals served by the state's largest school district, everything tastes exactly the same, no matter what campus students attend.  It was mass-produced at one production facility.

"Make it, pack it, and it was shipped out by our drivers," said Laura Kirt, a 28-year-employee of HISD.

Kirt moved her way up from a cashier to a manager at the production facility.

On Tuesday, she and 90 other employees who work there were told their jobs no longer exist. Those who stay with the district will become cafeteria workers.

The pay is hourly, and they will only work about 5 hours a day. Other salaried employees like Kirt will no longer be paid year round.

The affected employees have to make the decision about their future employment with the district by noon on Friday without knowing how their benefits, like insurance, will be affected.

"We haven't gotten a direct answer on that," Kirt said.

Kirt says it's like the 28 years she gave the district means nothing.

"It's not a very good feeling because I gave my life to HISD," she said.

HISD sent us a prepared statement that says in part

"HISD Nutrition Services is streamlining operations to better align with the departments mission. ...every employee affected has been offered positions within the district...Nutrition Services is working diligently to assist these employees transition into available positions."