Alarm system under scrutiny in case of murdered parents

What would drive a child to kill his parents? 

Prosecutors showed hundreds of pages of communications between AJ, his parents, sibling, and his girlfriend. 

Prosecutors are clearly trying to paint picture of Armstrong as a kid who was using drugs, doing poorly in school, and being harangued by his mother, but will the jury see this as a typical, albeit contentious, relationship between a teenager and his strict parents? Or motive for murder? 

About the alarm system, prosecutors brought out two alarm system experts that testified the alarm system was correctly installed and in good working order when it was tested. Remember, the defense is implying that someone else could have entered the Armstrong home that July night back in 2016 and executed his parents.  

The experts said nobody could have entered the home or eluded detection by the motion sensors as they moved to the master bedrooms where the murders took place.