Adventureman running across U.S., raising money for children's hospitals

Have you seen Adventureman? He's running across the United States, and he stopped in Houston.

Pride of Britain winner Jamie McDonald is more than halfway through his coast-to-coast solo run raising money for U.S. children's hospitals.

He began running in the westernmost part of the U.S. -- Cape Alava, Washington -- and is a little more than halfway to the finish line in Maine. That's about 6,000 miles.

McDonald has been on many adventures. He says it's all about giving back.

"The last adventure was running across Canada -- 5,000 miles -- and I got frostbite on the end of my nose and I lost a little bit, the ending of it," McDonald said. "But in the end it raised about half a million dollars for kids hospitals there. And so now it's about fundraising and making a difference and raising money for kids hospitals across America."

So far, he's raised more than $80,000. He says when people give in the U.S., their donations benefit their local children's hospitals. In Texas, he's raising money for Texas Children's Hospital.