Acres Homes residents fed up with piles of dirt blocking road

"It's growing and growing and growing," said Ruby Bennett. "It's got a life of its own."

This is one of those you've got to see to believe.

Someone has been dumping huge piles of dirt in the middle of Morrow Street in Acres Homes.

"I tell people about this, and they can't believe it," said Gerta Giles.

The road blocked with dirt is near the intersection of West Montgomery and North Shepherd.

"I first reported it to 311 on September 9th," Bennett said.

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Both Bennett and Giles say they have been reporting this to 311 for more than a month, and they have case numbers to prove it.

"It's a traffic hazard, it's a death trap," Bennett said.

There are no signs warning drivers, and good luck getting an ambulance or fire truck down this street.

A spokesperson with Public Works told us they were not aware of the dirt piles until we told them and assured us they would be removed by Thursday.

That spokeswoman also said HPD was conducting an investigation into the illegal dumping and referred us to them. A police spokesperson told us they would investigate the illegal dumping but HPD does not have the equipment needed to remove the dirt piles.

While we can't seem to get a straight answer as to why this has gone on for so long, we will update this story once the huge mounds of dirt are removed.